Tableau Public Software Review

Tableau Public is a free software that helps you with data visualization. The Tableau Public is most known due to its incredible interactive features.

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The first thing you need to do is to download the Tableau Public software and install it on your Windows computer or Mac. Just open a file with your data, using an Excel or a text file and start dragging and dropping the data into the software. It’s that simple and you can start creating your interactive charts. The Tableau Public will choose the best chart according to the data you provided, but you can always choose a different chart, add and remove data points, add filters and legends, and customize the appearance. When you have your visualization ready, just upload it to the Tableau Public site and you can also embed it on your own website.

Since the software comes with maps of most countries included, you can use one of those maps and combine it with your own data, if you want to.

With Tableau Public, you can also create a “dashboard” that includes different charts and where you can allow users to filter the data they want to see in more detail. This is part of their interactive dashboards.

Tableau visualization example
Tableau Public Software Pros

– Is a great data visualization tool: it has very chart type you can imagine;
– It’s free;
– It’s available for Windows and Mac;
– The interactive features are awesome and robust;
– You can import your data from Microsoft Excel 2007 and later, Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket, oData, .csv files, statistical files and web data connectors;
– Easy drag and drop software;
– You can easily format your charts and visualizations;
– You can have multiple worksheets in a file;
– Extremely easy to customize;
– You can count with great training videos on their website that will help you getting started, as well as guides and forums.

tableau dashboard

Tableau Public Software Cons

– When you are happy with your visualization, you need to save it on your Tableau Public profile. This means that you can’t use the free version of Tableau if you’re dealing with sensitive data.
– You need to use the Internet since all your visualizations are saved online. If you’re working on a visualization and you don’t have Internet to save it, your work will be lost.
– It doesn’t allow data sets with more than 1 million rows.


The Tableau Public is definitely one of the best free visualization data software you can have. It’s extremely easy to use customize and their interactive features are really a must have. Even if you need a single PDF report, their wide collection of charts and possible customizations you can make, will give your report a professional and distinct look.