Microsoft Windows 10 Review

Microsoft listened to Windows users and made significative improvements: the new Start menu, the Edge browser, Cortana, and apps. It almost seems like they reinvented Windows.

One of the best and innovator things regarding Windows 10 is the fact that it’s the same operating system for PCs and laptops, tablets and smartphones.

windows 10 screenshot

Windows 10 Pros:

* The Start menu: it is improved it’s now completely customizable since you can rearrange the tiles, create groups of tiles and even resize it.

* The Search & Cortana: Cortana was only available for Windows Phone 8 users. It works as the search and you can type or talk to her. One of the greatest adding on Windows 10 was placing the search sticky on the centre of the Taskbar. When you want to search for something, the last thing you want is to have to look for the “Search” tab.

With Cortana, you don’t simply search for a file or folder. You can simply ask her how’s the weather in a specific location, and she will display a forecast. If you need a reminder on something you need to do tomorrow, ask Cortana and she will do it. If Cortana just doesn’t know the answer to your question, the Edge browser opens and will display the search results for you. But Cortana also plays specific music, records notes, give you directions on a map and even launch apps.

* Task View: Task View allows you to create virtual desktops, just like you have on Mac.

* The New Browser – Microsoft Edge: It has a minimal interface and allows you to highlight things and even add notes to a certain area of the page.

* Mail and Calendar Apps: The Mail is clean-looking and allows you to add multiple email accounts from Google, Exchange, iCloud, and

* Microsoft Maps: The maps add is pretty good. You can see the maps in 3D, they have a streetside imagery and directions, just like Google Maps.

*Windows Store: This is the new Microsoft store where you can find movies, games, apps, music, and TV.


Windows 10 Cons:

* Forced Updates: There’s no longer an option that allows you to turn off the updates; they are now mandatory. The updates contain both security patches as well as drivers. This may cause some issues to some people.

* The New Browser – Microsoft Edge: I also included it in the pros list since it’s simplified and performs well in most cases. However, Windows users were expecting a browser with modern capabilities. For example, downloads start immediately, without even asking if you want to download and you don’t have the option to define the folder where they are going to be stored. Another thing missing on the Edge is the lack of extensions like other browsers have.

*Windows Store: Just like the Edge, the Windows Store also needs to be in the cons list. The lack of quality apps is still notorious. We have to wait and see if Microsoft is able to attract some developers.

Just as a side note, Microsoft announced that is going to release an Anniversary Update for Windows 10 this summer. It will be free and will add some improvements to Ink, Windows Hello, and Cortana.