IP Wireless Surveillance Cameras

We don’t live in a safe world anymore. With all the burglars out there and our need to be on top of everything that happens in our homes and businesses, having a surveillance camera is almost seen as normal. On our homes, we like to see what our kids are doing, especially if we have a baby, what the staff is doing, besides preventing some stranger to enter into our precious homes. On our businesses, we need to monitor what our employees are doing, if they are actually working or just spending time, if a burglar tries to sneak inn in the middle of the night or day.

There are a wide variety of surveillance cameras but one of the best are the IP wireless surveillance cameras.


Since they don’t have any wires, you can easily place them where you want, both inside and outside the house. But this s just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily find an IP wireless surveillance camera that:

  • easily connects to a monitor, computer or smartphone. This gives you the advantage of being able to see what’s happening everywhere just by looking at one of these devices.wireless ip camera
  • easily connects to a DVR, which allows you to record every image. In case something happens or if you have any suspicions about anything, you can watch the video at a later date.
  • has both microphone and speakers. This feature allows you to talk to your family, even if they are on the opposite side of the house.
  • has the infrared technology, which provides clear images, either during the day and during the night.
  • provides a cloud service for saving all the videos the camera records.
  • produces a high definition video image.
  • send you an email or text message to alert about any suspicious activity.
  • has a motion sensor. This might be particularly useful at night, and with outdoor cameras. You can set up the camera to automatically record everything when the sensor is activated.
  • ¬†is waterproof. Again, this feature might be especially useful for outdoor cameras.

The prices vary depending on your needs. You might need outdoor and indoor cameras, the number of surveillance cameras also depends on the size of your house or office, and all the features they include.


In the old days, when we thought about surveillance cameras, we would think about safety and on use it to protect our house or office. But nowadays, we keep running from a place to another, and most of the times our kids are just left alone or with caregivers. And we need to make sure they are safe. Either when they are babies, children or teenagers, they can get hurt. And our job as parents is to protect them. And having an IP wireless surveillance camera can help you protect them even more and better. You can find some quality reviews on the best ip cameras on the web