Reclining Chair vs Zero Gravity Chair For Posture and Spinal Comfort

Did you know that according to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time? And also did you know that in a day, about 70% of people spend six or more hours each day sitting down? Well, if you cringed your teeth whiles reading the above stat, there is nothing to worry about since, in this article, we will be looking at two recommended chairs which helps improve posture and reduces back pain. The two chairs we will be looking at are the reclining office chair vs zero gravity chair.

Reclining Office Chair

recliner chair

Recommended for office works, the reclining office chair helps the user to improve posture and reduce back pain and in the following ways:
Adjustable Postures: Research has shown that sitting in one position for a long period of time leaves your spine stiff, sore and in pain and if you’re the person who sits long hours behind a computer working, you’re most likely to have your spine stressed hence leading to back pains. But with the reclined chair, you are able to adjust the chair to different sitting postures whiles working, hence the effect of sitting at one specific posture or position for a long time is nullified, as you can still adjust the chair back and forth comfortably to help with the circulation of blood and also release stress of the spine.
Give the User a Great Way to Rest: Well, one of the major causes of most health problems is stress. ” There is something that we find causes pain with people even more commonly than anything they do physical they do. And that’s emotional stress” says, Dr. Rodney White, chiropractor in Pappilion. There is no doubt that stress is one of the causes of back pains and a great way to release stress is taking a break by either walking or reading. If you’re the type that reads to release stress, then the reclining chair gives you the perfect relaxing posture to read your books. With this, you tend to have a great posture while relaxing and also releasing stress and hence eliminates or reduces the tendency of lower back pain.

Zero Gravity Chair

black leather gravity office chairAs the name implies, the zero gravity chair tends to make the user’s body feel weightless, energized and stress-free. This makes it a good choice when looking to improve posture and reduce lower back pain by:
Great Comfort and Posture: With its zero gravity feature, it provides solace for neck pain and back pain with its mechanical design giving you the right posture always by lifting your legs to the same level as your heart. This posture doesn’t stress and exerts pressure on the spinal cord which eliminates the problem of either neck pain or lower back pain. And giving the user a great posture.
Improves Circulation: There is no doubt that circulation is one of the most important body cycles, and sitting in the wrong posture for long hours can affect one’s blood circulation which leads to lower back pains and swollen feet. It is scientifically proven that the zero gravity chair posture improves general circulation.
“Fifty-eight percent of customer survey takes less pain medication than they did prior to purchasing a chair or none at all.” says
Dr. James Rouse, member of the Human Touch Council. From this, it is no doubt that choosing the right chair goes a long way to help you reduce or eliminate the chance of getting lower back pains due to bad posture. And with the said above, the Zero Gravity chair and The Reclining Office chair are perfect choices if you are looking to improve posture and reduce back pains.