Top 5 free c panel hosting providers

There are a number of people every day looking for top free c panel hosting providers. The reason for this is simple, they want the best. Here’s some information about top free c panel hosting providers for 2011 so far.


Their site says they guarantee that your site will work 99.9% of the time. They offer a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with their services within the first 45 days, they will return your money. It offers unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space, and they have a number of features that are free. However, the user comments indicate that the service is not as good as claims and that there are a lot of problems with different things do not work.


This provider provides professional designers to their clients as well. They also have a special every time while you can get service for less than $ 1.95 a month and this is really inexpensive. They offer 24 hour support for those who want to relocate their site from another host as well as to anyone else who needs it. Some of the things that are offered with their services are unlimited space, bandwidth, email accounts, domains, and FTP accounts. There are many other services that cannot say this. All user reviews for this site say it is one of the best.


It offers unlimited space, bandwidth, and email. They also offer a free domain, security suites, site building tools, an online store, and marketing credits for Facebook and Yahoo. Their site says they are a green company managing 100% wind power. User reviews indicate that this provider does not have good customer service and that some of its features are significantly reduced.


WebHostingHub says on its offers unlimited space, bandwidth and Web sites. They also have a free domain name, 24-hour support, 5-minute blog creators, a dashboard, and a free web builder, ensuring that if you do not like the service, you can restore your money within the first 90 days. User reviews for this provider indicate that there are sometimes problems when setting up a site, but support will help you through it and any other issues you may encounter without any problem at all.


This provider has different plans available. With your beginner plan, you can have two free sites on the same account, 6 parked domains, 25 subdomains, unlimited space, unlimited monthly transfers, spam protection, data backup, web design, transfer Free for domain or new domain, 24 hour support, and many other features, all for $ 5.95 per month. In the review, the user says it is better there.There are a number of service providers, but top web hosting providers are able to offer small things here and there that are not owned by others. When it comes to it, reading the user’s comments for such a service can save you a lot of time and money in choosing a great hosting provider for your site. Take the time and do the research. You are guaranteed to benefit from it.