Top masticating juicer comparison before you buy in 2017 & 2018

The word masticating means to grind or even to reduce your pulp by crushing. Some masticating juicers or centrifugal juicers use two gears, while others use single gear. All sorts of masticating juicers mash vegetables and fruits into pulp then squeeze the pulp releasing the juice. You will be able to extract more juice by utilizing masticating juice extractor as opposed to centrifugal juicer, not only when juicing vegetables or fruits but also with leafy greens including spinach or wheatgrass. Here in this article, you will not just discover benefits of masticating or centrifugal juicers but along with that, you will also explore top masticating juicer comparison

Many traditional kind of juice extractors used by individuals are of centrifugal type. Most of these juicers don’t use milling or gnawing actions but instead utilize a shredding disc that revolves at high-speed to process fruits and veggies. As the disc rotates, the centrifugal pressure within the machine is really what separates the extracted juices from the pulp and then puts it right into a container.

Freshness is preserved

Masticating juicers have a reduced RPM, which is effective in conserving digestive enzymes. The sluggish rotating is actually essential in conserving the quality of your fruit juices. That will make it to last for longer period of times without getting oxidized. This juice will last for twenty four hours. It will be abundant in vitamins tasting delicious, sweet and also healthful.

With the utilization of masticating juice extractor, you may extract juice from any vegetable. Even though centrifugal juicers usually do not offer sufficient ability to extract juice from difficult vegetables for example root vegetables. The action of powerful and sluggish crushing of the double or solitary squeezer indicates the juicers are able to squeeze out the required juice.

Makes your Juice Chemical Free

Possessing the masticating juicer gives you the chance to make and drink healthful juices with minimal pesticides and chemical substances. Dual gears masticating juicers feature a bio-magnet technology that significantly works well for separating the metals. The effect is a juice that is free of chemicals and abundant in vitamins and minerals that are good for your health.

Highly Effective Juicing of Vegetables

The masticating juice extractor will be able to juice almost everything. They are versatile and good at getting juices of vegetables. Irrespective of what you are juicing including root vegetables, spinach, wheatgrass, kales or Swiss chard. These juicers will provide the greatest results giving you the opportunity to appreciate chlorophyll from the vegetables.

Below is the top masticating juicer comparison

Breville BJS600XL

It includes unique vertical design, which makes it a great choice. The straight design also gives it lightweight form as a result, it requires very little space. For this reason, you can place it even on little counters or on cabinets.

Because of its sluggish speeds, it helps to ensure that the juices you get are of the very best quality. The juice produced also offers long shelf life.

The best part with all the juice extractor is it generates juices from different materials. For example, it produces juices from carrots, berries, apples, and also wheatgrass.

Super angel 5500

It has twin gear of steel and ideal in making juice from almost everything. You can also utilize it to make almond whole milk and peanut butter just by pushing the button.

Because it’s produced from steel, it’s super easy to clean it. It’s extremely simple to operate since all that you should do know is nothing but the right button to press.


It includes two storage containers for pulp and for juicing respectively. Existence of two storage containers ensures that you can extract large quantity of juices. This might be one of the cleanest options out there.

Omega NC800

This juicer is highly effective and also very fast thus, you will get your juices within short period of time. The juicer helps you to extract juices from tough foods such as nut products. You are also able to extract juices from smooth foods for example vegetables and fruits.

Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer

The larger chute and end-cover enables you to decide on the quantity of pulp that you might want in your juices.


After reading top masticating juicer comparison, you can find comprehensive masticating or centrifugal juicers at Buy yourself a masticating juicer, and obtain the ability to appreciate all of the benefits that the product comes with. You will constantly get healthy fruit juices that are heavier in texture and incredibly tasty.